About Us

Welcome to the world of multitoolblades.ca.

We are a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in replacement blades and cutters for your multi-function power tools.

Regardless of your oscillating tool make or model, it is our goal to be your one stop supply centre for everything needed to maximize the range and versatility of your cutting experience.

We feel there is an endless list of uses and applications for these oscillating power tools that are still yet to be realized at this time. Multitoolblades.ca will be there every step of the way by quickly offering affordable new products and accessories as they become available to us.

Our valued customers are becoming the foundation of our success. In return we will do whatever we can to make the job of woodworking or other cutting tasks enjoyable to you by providing the best products at the best discounted prices.

We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We value your feedback and your comments, so please feel free to contact us.